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Watch this incredible rainstorm explode over a lake in Austria

Posted by On June 21, 2018

Watch this incredible rainstorm explode over a lake in Austria

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This video is the perfect combination of meteorology and scenery.

It was filmed by Peter Maier in southern Austria last week. The storm itself would have been nothing more than average if it weren’t for the sweeping vista and the plainly visible microburst that drops like a bomb over Lake Millstatt.

A microburst is a plume of rapidly sinking air in a thunderstorm. It’s usually located in the same region from which the hail and heavy rain is falling. It’s the load of the hail and heavy rain that drags the air downward, punching toward the ground like a fist.

Rarely can you see a dramatic microburst from this vantage â€" more often than not, they are shrouded in rain and obscured by trees and buildings in densely populated areas. This lake in Austria was the perfect backdrop for a picturesque thunderstorm.

Microbursts, accordin g to the Capital Weather Gang’s Jeff Halverson, are “akin to small ‘explosions.'” They can generate straight-line winds that rival the intensity of a weak to moderate tornado and have been documented with wind speeds up to 150 mph.

Source: Google News Austria | Netizen 24 Austria

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