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Austria: Death on the Doorstep

Posted by On July 19, 2018

Austria: Death on the Doorstep

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Austria: Death on the Doorstep

Frequent rockslides in the Alps are endangering whole towns in Austria. Climate change is to blame. In late 2017, the Austrian village of Vals narrowly escaped disaster when the mountainside collapsed and rolled up almost to the first houses.

Watc h video 05:02 Now live 05:02 mins.
  • Date 19.07.2018
  • Duration 05:02 mins.
  • Homepage Focus on Europe - Spotlight on People
  • All videos Focus on Europe , Focus on Europe - DW's spotlight on people
  • Related Subjects Climate Change, Austria, Alps, COP23
  • Keywords Austria, rockslide, Alps, Vals, climate change
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