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Everton destroyed a tiny Austrian town 22-0 in a friendly game

Posted by On July 16, 2018

Everton destroyed a tiny Austrian town 22-0 in a friendly game

What’s the best solution for a middling Premier League season? Destroy a tiny town!

While the world’s brightest stars were in Russia closing out the World Cup, Everton was in the middle of Austria â€" in a town with just 2,700 people â€" absolutely demolishing the local side.

Oddly, this has become a bit of a thing for the town of Irdning. According to the town’s brief Wikipedia page, Irdning’s remote location has made it a mainstay for international teams to come and practice, away from the eyes of the international media. Real Madrid has traveled to Irdning in the past, as have AS Roma â€" and perhaps most notable the English national team ahead of the 2010 World Cup.

The only three fun facts I could learn about Irdning:

  1. Nobody knows the town’s origins because the documents were lost.
  2. One of the local attractions is the incredibly-na med “Castle Gumpenstein.”
  3. The official tourism motto of Irdning is short, and to the point.

All in all I think all we learned is that Everton are meanies.

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