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News Daily: N Korea returns US war remains, and May in Austria to push Brexit plan

Posted by On July 27, 2018

News Daily: N Korea returns US war remains, and May in Austria to push Brexit plan

UK UK News Daily: N Korea returns US war remains, and May in Austria to push Brexit plan

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North Korea returns US troops killed in Korean War

It's the 65th anniversary of the armistice that ended the Korean War. Thousands of US military personnel from the conflict remain unaccounted for, including about 5,300 who were lost in what is now North Korea. In the latest move towards better relations, Kim Jong-un's government has returned the remains of some troops.

It's not clear how many have been returned - and scientists will need to carry out forensic tests. But the White House, which has been involved in talks with North Korea aimed at ending Mr Kim's nuclear arms programme, said it was "encouraged". Here are the stories of some of the families who have campaigned for the return of remains. And the BBC's Reality Check asks how many US soldiers are buried in North Korea.

May in Austria to promote Brexit plan

Summer's here and Theresa May (who, one would guess, is a tad tired) has one last thing to do before she can go on holiday to Italy. She's visiting Austria to discuss the UK's Brexit plan with the country's chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, and Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babis. But the meeting - foll owing which Mrs May will attend a music festival in Salzburg - comes after chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier rejected part of her proposed customs arrangement. As the UK PM prepares for a week's rest, BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg looks at where we are with Brexit.

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Thunderstorms to cool heatwave - a bit

Some tiny respite at last? The Met Office has been suggesting that today could become the hottest on record in the UK, beating the 38.5C (101F) set in Kent in 2003. But thunderstorms are arriving earlier than expected, cooling the air and bringing relief to gardeners, water companies, fire brigades and farmers.

Temperatures could still reach 34C in East Anglia though, so the advice to rehydrate and stay out of the sun is very much still in place. And there are warnings of localised flooding overnight. So, how long will the unusual weather last? And how hot is it where you are, compared with locations around the world?

How many wildfires have there been this summer?

By Prof Stefan H Doerr & Dr Cristina Santín, Swansea University

In a typical year, an area equivalent to twice the size of the UK is burnt by wildfires. Most are in remote areas such as the savannah grasslands of Africa and South America, or the boreal forests which stretch from western Alaska to eastern Siberia.

However, we rarely hear about wildfires in such isolated places. It tends to be those which threaten lives, infrastructure, or natural resources that hit the headlines. Indeed, in Europe, the number of fires so far this year is unusually high.

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What the papers say

The i leads on news that specialist doctors in England will be able to prescribe cannabis products by the autumn. Meanwhile, the Daily Star and Daily Mirror focus on former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson thanking NHS staff for saving his life following a brain haemorrhage. And the Sun reports that the UK heatwave could go on all summer, under the headline "Bake to the Future".

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